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Monitor Progress

Progress monitoring is an ongoing process that begins immediately after the intervention plan is put into place.   Progress monitoring should involve two main evaluation questions:  (1) To what extent are the interventions and strategies being implemented as designed (i.e., implementation fidelity)?  and (2) To what extent are the interventions and strategies resulting in positive changes in behavior(i.e., student specific outcomes)? 


Implementation fidelity refers to the extent that the plan is being implemented consistently as designed.  Monitoring implementation fidelity may include:

Monitoring student specific outcomes requires the selection of a measurement strategy (e.g., frequency count, office conduct referrals, time on task etc.) and the development of a plan for collecting the measures (i.e., who, when, and how).  Begin with a biweekly review of outcome data until a stable response to intervention is obtained; then begin to extend intervals between reviews.


Further Reading


Mouzakitis, A. Codding, R. S, & Tryon, G. The effects of self-monitoring and performance feedback on the treatment integrity of behavior intervention plan implementation and generalization. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 17(4), 223-234. DOI: 10.1177/1098300715573629.


Monitor Progress and Plan Implementation

Tools and Resources

Define a progress monitoring plan for student specific outcomes and implementation fidelity.  The progress monitoring plan should  include a specific schedule for data collection, a defined focus behavior and a measurement strategy. 


Define student specific outcome measures.  Monitoring progress involves comparing intervention data to baseline data.  It is helpful then to extend the measures used to collect baseline data to progress monitoring.  Additional student outcome data such as attendance, conduct referrals to the office, and disciplinary action (e.g., suspension) are naturally occurring data that may be helpful to evaluate progress.

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