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Class-Wide Implementation Resources

Having a healthy and positive classroom climate is one of the most important ways to prevent the occurrence of problem behavior.  Published research establishes that environmental factors have the strongest direct relationship with positive student outcomes. In particularly, a number of critical classroom environment features have been linked to positive outcomes for students.   Published findings suggest that supportive teacher behaviors (e.g., caring helpfulness, quality of interactions, listening, trust, etc.) and classroom conditions (e.g., clear expectations and routines, high quality instruction, frequent praise, etc.) are more important than any other predictor of performance (e.g., Bond et al.; Dubow et al.; Leithwood, Wahlstrom & Anderson; Malecki & Demaray; Roeser et al.; Schochet, Dadds, Ham & Montague; Solomon et al.).  The following are resources and professional development materials to support class-wide implementation of proactive practices.

Reflection Tools

Tip Sheets

Mini Intensive Professional Development Resources

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