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Designing an Expectations Framework


The expectations framework is the grounding structure for your Universal Intervention. An expectation framework has three main parts:  3-4 broad expectations, a visual identity, and actionable behaviors defined specifically for individual building locations.   Here is an example:




Plan an Expectations Framework

Tools and Resources

Define a School-wide expectations framework. First step is to define 3-5 over arching expectations that will form your school-wide expectation framework. The tool provided is an excellent starting point for defining your school-wide expectation's framework. This tool provides you with a definition, examples and non-examples for the most common over arching expectations (e.g., Respect).

Define location specific actions.  Once you have defined the school-wide expectation framework, use this tool to define student actions (e.g., wear ID) expected in specific school locations (e.g., cafeteria).  This tool provides examples of the most typical student actions expected for common school locations.  Notice how all the expectations are listed in terms of what we want students to do (action oriented and stated positively).
Develop a visual identity for your expectations framework. A visual identity ensures that the expectations framework has a consistent presence across all facets of school functioning.  A visual identity will include a 'catchy' tag line and logo that pull together the expectation framework. 

Motto and logo contests offer students an opportunity to shape your decision making process.  Whether voting on a preferred logo or having a student design contest, motto and logo contests are a great way to get students involved in developing a visual identity. 
Develop location specific posters of your expectations. Once the expectations are defined for each location, it's time to develop visual reminders that provide students and staff with cues about what is expected.  This Power Point file includes poster samples from New Jersey schools and a template for designing a location specific poster.